Our Culture

True alignment is achieved through a team committing to living & embodying a set of core values


Transform Humanity to Positively Impact Society and the Environment.


Create and Deliver Life-changing Content, Systems, and Events.

Core Values

Our Team

Core Team
Core Team

Key Objectives


The lens we have to perceive life is our most powerful tool. Developing a growth based mental and emotional skillset is a continuous journey of self inquiry within the team.


The energetic drivers of the organization. Our values are what create alignment across the team, and ultimately guide our decision-making.

Language & Behavior

Through achieving team alignment to a shared set of values, we can create a powerful cohesive culture. This harmony and flow is seen and felt in our consistent language and behavior.

Energy Based Systems

At the core of every project there is a team, more importantly the teams energy, this is the key component that drives the output and outcome of the destiny of a project or organization. This simple yet profound intangible is the most powerful place to put intention and focus. It brings awareness and performance into the culture to create a true values driven organization.

The teams energy consists of 4 pillars, Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual. These are the areas that we as an organization focus our time and intention on cultivating the teams energy and cohesion. Through the practice of values and self mastery, using a myriad of modalities that we have formulated into what we call “The Way”. This is the cornerstone of our organizational culture.

DAO - The Way

The Way of all things, “The self Organizing Principle” the pervasive flow of life that moves through everything with invisible ease.

Tuning into the flow of life is the Art of Self Mastery. Engage with your life in a new found way, Allowing the mystery to unfold in Full Trust of what is happening. Moving an organization into the Dao or “Self Organizing Principle” is an incredible Journey of Profound Growth and Expansion. This was the Birthplace of Smartminds Enterprise.

Internal Practice

Dedicate oneself to a deep practice self inquiry, where we learn the Art of Self Mastery.

Qi Gong

Qi or Energy Work, is the Healing art of the Dao, cultivate Energy and Inner Alchemy.


Understanding our place in the world is one the most important steps a Human can take.

Healing Arts

Yoga, Qi Gong, Primal Movement, Breathwork & Meditation are Modalities we use to Increase team Performance.


Sovereignty is so, one may take part in the “WE” is where one finds true independence, to become of service to Humanity.

Feng Shui

Meaning “Wind & Water”, the Flow of Qi through all things, we Incorporate these Principles into Everything we do.

Nutrition & Herbology

At the Heart of a Team is their Health and Wellbeing to Drive Individual Performance, is a Key Focus here at Smartminds.

Expressive Arts

Knowing Oneself, gives us the Ability to Truly Express our Higher Selves, we Encourage this through the Arts.

A culture is strong when people work with each other, for each other. A culture is weak when people work against each other, for themselves.

Simon Sinek